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Showroom & Workshop: Forchstrasse 113 8032 Zürich Tues. 08:00-12:00 | Thurs. 13:00-18:00 | Sat. 10:00-13:00


I am happy to announce that I have opened a new showroom and workshop in Zurich city.  In my new showroom it is possible to try and compare various instruments in a comfortable atmosphere.

As of now, I represent the brand Bösendorfer Wien for pianos and grand pianos. The instruments of Bösendorfer are qualitatively premium in their construction and offer warm and rich tones. Great pianists, such as Andras Schiff, Fazil Say or Oscar Peterson, prefer the instruments from the Austrian piano manufacturer.

Other instruments I represent include pianos and grand pianos from Sauter Spaichingen. Produced in Germany, Sauter Spaichingen is an excellent brand that offers an attractive quality-price relationship. Naturally, you will find other well-kept instruments that I have personally chosen on offer.

I would be happy to welcome you at:

(50 meters from Hegibachplatz)

Piano Concept Showroom and Workshop

Forchstrasse 113

8032 Zürich

Opening Hours:

Tues. 08:00-12:00  Thurs. 13:00-18:00  Sat. 10:00-13:00  or by arrangement.