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Frequent playing, external circumstances and increasing age lead to unavoidable wear on instruments, which need to be repaired in a timely manner.  A worthwhile investment, as valuable instruments retain their value when they are maintained.

During my education and my professional training I had the opportunity to work on numerous types of different instruments, I am therefore familiar with many pianos and baby grand’s.

I offer sound consultation and quantitative premium execution, where only the best materials are used. Client’s wishes regarding tone, mechanics and art of playing will be considered.

A professional repair consists of:

  1. A professional appraisal

  2. A customer dialog regarding all aspects of the appraisal

  3. An understandable explanation about the necessary work to be done

  4. A recommendation for continued care of your instrument

  5. An individual transfer for service

Repairs are made in my Zürich workshop, or when possible on-site. I organize all necessary transport and delivery, that you don’t have any work.

Please use my contact details to take advantage of an individual consultation.