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The decision to acquire a new or used instrument is one made for decades. As with many projects of such importance, it is essential to get a comprehensive opinion from a professional.

With my broad experience, expert knowledge and understanding of tone and technic, I will represent you as a consultant and advisor in the purchase or rental of a new or used instrument.

All the pianos and grand pianos I offer for sale have been meticulously chosen. I specialize in the sale of used pianos and grand pianos from Steinway&Sons, C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Blüthner und Sauter. I also sell an extensive range of other high-quality brands. The second hand instruments I have on offer have all passed an extensive technical quality control and I personally guarantee them for three years.

My service offer comprises:

  1. Professional consultation in German, English, Russian

  2. 3 year guarantee on second hand instruments

  3. 5 year guarantee on new instruments

  4. Facilitator and Consultant in the purchase from private/retail

  5. Rental/Leasing of new or used instruments

Representative (Sauter) and (Bösendorfer):